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Papercut recorded their first real studio album in April 2006. Darker Shades Brighter Lights has 11 tracks, some 'old friends' were polished to a bright shine and the guys also recorded alot of new songs.
Price: 12 Euro

01. In My Mind (mp3)
02. L.I.K.E. (mp3)
03. Another Time (mp3)
04. Leaving Behind (mp3)
05. Changes (mp3)
06. Start Again (mp3)
07. Come Alive (mp3)
08. Believe (mp3)
09. This Life (mp3)
10. Six String (mp3)
11. On My Own (mp3)

Sprungbrett recorded their second CD in February 2005 at Studioliverecording at the White Noise Studio. The result, 'Leave a Message' has 11 tracks featuring the fan hits 'Start Again', 'Leaving Behind' and 'Six-String'.
Price: 5 Euro

01. Leaving Behind (mp3, Real)
02. Changes (mp3, Real)
03. Start Again (mp3, Real)
04. This Life (mp3, Real)
05. You Fade Away (mp3, Real)
06. Six-String (mp3, Real)
07. You Cannot Lie (mp3, Real)
08. On My Own (mp3, Real)
09. Pushing Me Aside (mp3, Real)
10. Please Hurt Me (mp3, Real)
11. Nana (mp3, Real)

Sprungbrett recorded their first CD on 4 days in September 2003. The resulting CD, 'Paradazed' features three newly recorded songs ('The Dark', 'You cannot lie', 'This Life') and also the earlier recorded 'Rien ne va plus'. Additionally the CD bears live tracks of those 4 songs and as a bonus unpublished video material.
Price: 5 Euro

01. Rien ne va plus (mp3, Real)
02. The Dark (mp3, Real)
03. You Cannot Lie (mp3, Real)
04. This Life (mp3, Real)
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