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:: Happy new year
Well, it is kind of late to wish 'Happy new years' but we'd like to do that anyways :).
The new year starts with a nice big gig in February. We will really play in the 'Big Markhalle' in Hamburg on Feb. 17th. To order some tickets be sure to follow the link. Pricing is 8 Euro per piece and there are going to play at least 9 bands. When we get more information which time we are playing and what other bands will play we are going to post that here.
Hope to see you on Feb. 17th
:: by Tim am 14.01.2006 um 12:35:18

:: Christmasgig 26.12.
The 'creative break' takes a break itself on Dec. 26th. We are playing at the No.1 place to play rock music in Hamburg, the Kaiserkeller. This is going to be great and the ticket prices are also great, only 3 euro (and 2 euro reduced price), so be sure to be there. This will definitely be the last concert this year and we hope to see you all there to have a great time with us.
Have a nice Pre-Christmas time and we hope to see ya Dec. 26th at Kaiserkeller.
:: by Tim am 25.11.2005 um 19:28:43

:: Result of Sub Urban Night
The results from Sub Urban Night band contest are in:
  • Training Day 126 votes
  • Speedkill 114 votes
  • Interlude
  • Vaggeli Downtown
  • Natas B.
  • Sprungbrett 64 votes
  • Subst. for ATP

Thank you all very much for your support Friday, it was quite a good show. We are going to rehearse some new stuff and won't play any more shows this year. We will post news here on our website if we got anything that might be of interest to you. So check back here once in a while :)
:: by Tim am 23.10.2005 um 16:15:19

:: Early Hour Update
Yesterday was an article about us playing at the SubUrbanNight in Norderstedter Zeitung. To read the article just click on the picture (text is german, beware!)

Hope to see you all on Oct. 21st at the SubUrbanNight

:: by Tim am 15.10.2005 um 01:27:15

:: Sub Urban Night October 21st
Hi people!
We got some new stuff to tell you after a while of not posting so much here. First of all, we are playing again at the Sub Urban Night in Hamburg in the nice location MarX. If you want to buy some tickets, contact us via this link.
The other news is that we are currently reharsing new songs which we will hopefully be recording soon. More info on that will be posted when we know more :)
Hope to see you on Oct. 21st at the Sub Urban Night
:: by Tim am 07.10.2005 um 13:27:33

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