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:: Some changes
I'm quite proud to announce that our search for a new drummer is over. We found in Marlon a very decent substitute for Timm. He has a lot of experience as he played in some other bands before. Also new on board is Tobi, who will be playing keyboards. He also played in other bands before and can play drums as well. Right now we are rehearsing alot and writing new songs and adapting the old ones. Pics and infos about Marlon and Tobi will be around in some time.
See you soon
:: by Tim am 12.06.2004 um 13:01:39

:: Ain't no fun
Bad news everyone...
Our drummer Timm decided to quit the band. So we are currently looking for a substitute. I guess there won't be any gigs soon, but check in from time to time to see if things changed.
:: by Tim am 14.05.2004 um 18:47:43

:: New Pics around
Finally we got some pics made at our last gig at Schlachthof, thanks for mailing and taking fly out to Marcel.
I moved all the videos to another webspace so we have more space for new stuff here. If you encounter any problems be sure to mail and tell me what's wrong. The videos won't stay forever on the TUHH webspace as i'm no longer a student there, so grab while you can. Hope to see you all tomorrow on a sunny Hamburg Harbor Birthday
:: by Tim am 07.05.2004 um 19:53:43

:: Results in 2nd Round of Emergenza
Well, we didn't get to the next round of Emergenza, but Mr. Brown and Auto Stop did. Thanks for all your support. If anyone bothers we made place 5 out of 8...
Anyways, we'd be glad if you show up at the Hamburg Harbor Festival next weekend (May 8th, 7pm) and you can get more than 25 minutes of show that time :)
Have a good night ya all
:: by Tim am 30.04.2004 um 01:45:41

:: Newsflash
Hi folks.
Another nifty update for you. Finally You Fade Away is downloadable in our music-section. Rien Ne Va Plus got exchanged with the one recorded on 03-26-04 in the first round of Emergenza. If you happen to be in Hamburg on April 29th, be sure to stop by at our next gig at Schlachthof in the 2nd round of Emergenza. If you would like to help us, print out our flyer and convince people to come to our gig so we might play for you guys again in the finals. Click HERE to get the flyer. If you still got no ticket for the next round of Emergenza, be sure to mail your request to tickets@sprung-brett.net and get your tickets without paying postage (only in Germany, sorry...)
Cya all at April 29th and have a nice weekend
:: by Tim am 16.04.2004 um 22:40:28

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