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Hi peeps!
Newly available 2 pics from concert at Riff and all new songs recorded at the gig at JETZT. New pics can be seen in the gallery, new songs are in the music section. We were faster in playing our new song 6-string than Paddy could write the lyrics, so the download will be available at the bottom of this news post. We hope to see you all at our last 2 concerts this year in november. Planning for 2005 is well on it's way and we can announce some gigs and stuff like that in the next days. So be sure to check by every now and then :)
Right now, that's all
:: by Tim am 26.10.2004 um 14:41:31

:: Happy Birthday to...
Mornin. Today our good friend Marcel has his birthday and we really like to wish him all the best and like to thank him for his superious support over the years. Happy Birthday Marcel have a nice day and all the best again from sprungbrett.
:: by Tim am 12.09.2004 um 13:02:47

:: Support
Sorry no English news today
:: by Tim am 07.09.2004 um 12:49:59

:: New Gig and some other News
Hi all you people. Another little newsflash for you. We got a new gig date on September 25th at JETZT in Steilshoop. We'd appreciate if you come to see us play in our new setup. Time and fee may vary a little from the ones set in the gig-system. We are rehearsing alot recently and got 3 new songs we will play in September (lyrics will be around shortly also those of Come Alive and Start Again).
Okies finally if you like to buy our CD, plz mail me as the bank account set in the store is not right anymore.
That's all i got right now, have a nice summer and see you in September.

---- Update ----
Hi for a little update. New recording of NaNa is around and the music section shows the newest songs first and the oldest last. So much for now.
2 new downloads available in the music section.
New lyrics available too

:: by Tim am 05.08.2004 um 00:11:00

:: Questions from gbook
sorry no time for english news.
:: by Tim am 27.06.2004 um 18:49:52

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