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:: Sprungbrett on air
At 1.00pm on Friday 25.02.(TODAY!) Radio Tide 96.0 sends an interview with Paddy and probably also some songs. Be sure to tune in :)
:: by Tim am 25.02.2005 um 12:02:51

:: German News only
No Englisch News today
:: by Tim am 13.02.2005 um 13:41:46

:: News :)
I hope you all had a nice party on new years eve :). First of all i have to apologize for not posting earlier and even more for not mentioning Maiks birthday. Happy Birthday Maik, good health, luck and so on... ;)
Ok, we also got some new gigs to tell you, so grab your seats, you got the one and only chance to be in the studio with us! Tickets for the StudioLiveRecording and Emergenza Round 1 are available via Email (Germany only), after payment is made we send them to you without any extra costs for you. That was all i had to post. Please, all of you come to SLR and Emergenza, we need your support.
See you soon
:: by Tim am 17.01.2005 um 11:04:59

:: Merry X-Mas
We wish all our fans, supporters and all the people with whom we had business this year a merry, reflective christmas without stress and trouble. Enjoy the holidays and have a good time. As i won't be posting any news (at least i don't hope i have to) until the new year starts, we also wish you a good start for 2005, have a great party, don't drive drunk and keep your extremities ;)
Ho ho ho
:: by Tim am 24.12.2004 um 00:55:31

:: Gig today 11/23/04
Hey folks.
No gig today :( as our drummer Marlon has sprained his wrist and can't play tonight. Hope to see you all soon.
:: by Tim am 23.11.2004 um 16:52:49

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