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Hi People
Our new CD which we recorded in February at WhiteNoiseStudio is being copied and printed and so on right now and will be available soon at our upcoming gigs and via this websites ordering service. We will give you further details when the CDs are finally shipped to us.
Next topic: New gigs :)
We got a new flyer which you can download (A4-PDF when you click on the image) and print out and show all the people you'd like to come to our concerts :)

As you can see, we are also going to play again at the Hamburg Harbor Birthday this year. On the last day at 5:30pm at Lotto/Energy97.1 directly at the old Elbtunnel.
See you tonight at the unplugged session at Jetzt
:: by Tim am 16.04.2005 um 15:46:34

:: Emergenza Round 2
Hi and a happy Easter to you
Our next gig at Emergenza Round 2 will be on April 29th at 10:30pm at Knust (U-Feldstraße). Tickets are available via E-Mail-Order (Click here) or directly via the band's members. Priced at 6 Euro (VVK) or 10 Euro if you buy them directly that evening. We'd love to have at least as much fans around as we had at the latest gigs.
There were also pictures taken the night we played in round 1 which are available at wideviewpics. In that sites Menu click on Emergenza and then the date.
Our CD is almost done, has already gone though mastering, but we are still caught up in the artwork. Hopefully the CD will be ready for sale at one of the next gigs (Jetzt or Emergenza).
So long
:: by Tim am 28.03.2005 um 19:11:33

:: Results from Emergenza Round 1
Good Evening :)
As we are all about to be home from the exciting Emergenza Round 1 I am proud to present you the results, we won the 3rd place today and as the four best placed bands get to the next round, we are also in it :) Thank you very much for the 94 votes we got this evening, very much appreciated. More detailed results will be soon available on the Emergenza Homepage. We are very sorry that Mammut didn't make it to the next round, we thought they were really good.
Soon there will be more info on the upcoming event of Emergenza Round 2 and some updates on our new CD (it's almost finished!)
Good Night and so long
:: by Tim am 24.03.2005 um 01:20:03

:: Another musical impersonation
Hi People!
As already featured on CNN and VH-1 we won't like to stand back from those sources and also offer you the link to the Dragostea-Impersonation Dragostea-Hit. Just klick the Link and click PLAY THIS MOVIE in the new Browser-Window... Beware...
:: by Tim am 02.03.2005 um 10:34:56

:: SLR pickings
Thank you very much for your support at the Studio-Live-Recording at WhiteNoiseStudio last Saturday. We all had alot of fun! We got the rough mix yesterday and it sounds really good. I put the pics we already got in our gallery just click here.
If you also took photos at SLR or at some other gig and think we might like them feel free to email them to me.
That was about all i had to say, we will keep you posted about the forthcomings of the CD.
:: by Tim am 01.03.2005 um 12:29:03

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