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no English today
:: by Tim&Tobi am 16.09.2005 um 17:39:08

:: New gigs
I updated our gigsite today. The linksite will be taken care of soon and probably i'll find the time to set up a bio and translate it, too... Until then have a look at our new concerts here.
I also inserted some new equipment.
Cu soon

:: by Tim am 13.08.2005 um 22:22:26

:: New Gigs
Because of time problems we are sorry to tell you that we are not able to play the gig on sunday at the Brakula Sommerfest.
But we will play the gig at Oxmox Bandbattle at Logo Hamburg on Thursday 23rd. Tickets are still available via E-Mail for 7 Euro/ticket. 7-8 bands are playing that evening each about 30 minutes, starts at 8pm and the playing order of the bands will be made then, so still no confirmed time to play yet. We hope alot of you people come to that competition so we can have alot of fun together and perhaps get to the Markthalle in this battle :)
Cu next Thursday
:: by Tim am 16.06.2005 um 22:38:04

:: Page is reachable again
Hi People!
Our provider had a hardware defunction and lost one harddrive of their harddrivearray which killed all the files. I reuploaded all data I had and the page is reachable again. If you find any dead links or else just send me an email and i'll take care of it. Thank you
:: by Tim am 26.05.2005 um 18:54:39

:: Emergenza Round 2 and more
Hi there!
As most of you might already know, we didn't make it to the final in the Emergenza Band contest. The other bands had alot more support around than we had, thank you anyways for coming and having a good time.
Listing of the vote:
  • 01. Pawn 213 votes
  • 02. Caleidescope 192 votes
  • 03. Children of Wrath 163 votes
  • 04. Dead Frog 148 votes
  • 05. Lucy Leave 125 votes
  • 06. Skop 122 votes
  • 07. Sprungbrett 115 votes
  • 08. Tonus 102 votes

As you can see, we made place 7 out of 8 which is not really good. Hope to see you next weekend on Hamburg Harbor Birthday. More news are that Phil updated our cd-order-page and you can order both cds now and listen to short previews as mp3 or real-media.
Have a nice 1st May

:: by Tim am 01.05.2005 um 15:38:55

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