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:: Off to the studio...
Hi there,
we're going to record a new album next weekend.
We are all very happy to work together with Thilo.
And we really like to record a good new CD!
C U soon at the Marx!
So long,
:: by Paddy am 28.03.2006 um 18:33:38

:: New Gig
We are playing the MarX again on April 28th. More Information will be available shortly.
Stick around
:: by Tim am 17.03.2006 um 18:32:14

:: New gig and new pics
Here you can find out about our new gig. On Mar 10th we are playing at the JUKI42 in Ahrensburg. We finally got some pictures from our last gig at the Markthalle, thanks Marcel and NBOTB-Team for those pictures. Just click here to see them.
Many thanks to those of you who waited the whole evening on Feb 17th to see us play eventually. We hope you all had a lot of fun that evening, as we had.
Hope to see you on Mar 10th
:: by Tim am 01.03.2006 um 11:01:28

:: A few news
Hi people.
The Norderstedter Zeitung wrote an article about our concert this friday which was published today, if you understand German, you might want to read it here. Tickets are still available via our emailadress tickets@sprung-brett.net for 8 Euro per Ticket or doorsale for 10 Euro at the Markthalle.
The Website of New Bands on the Block is online as well. If you want to know about the other bands just click here.
See you Friday
:: by Tim am 13.02.2006 um 14:34:23

:: More Details for New Bands on the Block
As I said before we get back to you when we have more info about the gig on Feb. 17th, which we got now.

Besides ourselves the following bands will play: Choke, Endstation, Interlude, Madam Hell, Raining Shoes, Schwerer Traum, Spring Tide, Soul Melounge and Training Day.
Presaletickets are available via email (order here) or from Kartenhaus for 8 Euro per ticket. Doorsale will be 10 Euro per tickets so be sure to order your tickets beforehand and have more money left for beer :)
See ya soon
:: by Tim am 22.01.2006 um 17:38:31

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