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:: Saturday
Hey guys!
Thanks for beeing with us on this wonderful evening!
Many thinks fly out to our "Sprungbrett-T-Shirt-Guy" (Man, what's your name????) We also thank 5 other bands and Mr. concert-Ovid!!!!
Cu then, have a great time and take care!
Paddy and Papercut

:: by Paddy am 18.12.2006 um 18:30:05

:: CD
Hello people!
We're done. Yes, our record is ready, you can order your personal copy. Write a mail to paddy@papercutmusic.de
cu then!
Paddy and Papercut
:: by Paddy am 22.11.2006 um 21:30:58

:: Lots of News
Hi people,
it has been a long time since new real news. But right now we got some new information. We got another gig for you people and we play the 'big Markthalle' again. It is again in the context of NBOTB, more information probably soon here.
I also uploaded some pictures of recent concerts. Click this for pics of Rocking Talents and that for pics from the Logogig.
Hope you enjoy the pics and to see you on Friday at the MarX.
:: by Tim am 05.11.2006 um 17:54:13

:: Papercut buddyicons
Perhaps you already noticed, we got a new logo. If you use ICQ, MSN, AIM, Y! or forums on the net you might want to show your friends there what music you like. So I created some buddy icons with our new logo. We got 3 sizes (48x48, 80x80, 150x150) and you can download them to your harddrive or directly link to them in any forums. Just right-click to download and choose 'Save file to...'.

48x48  80x80  150x150

Have fun with the new icons.


:: by Tim am 22.10.2006 um 13:09:50

:: CD in November
hello guys,
our record will be ready in November. We are now working on the last rest of the recording and the artwork as well...!
Have a look at our pre-CD-versions at http://www.myspace.com/35611814.
Love to see you all in the Logo, there will change a lot, I promise!
cu then,
Paddy and the Sprungbretts
:: by Paddy am 17.09.2006 um 13:07:32

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